Journeys of the Heart


Amber Leaf Trilogy, #1

Early February 1942—Amber Leaf, Minnesota (A Christmas tale)

Jo Bremley fears losing her husband if he goes off to war, but by a cruel twist of fate he dies instead in an accident during a blinding snowstorm. His best friend, Tryg Howland, was driving. Now all she wants is her storybook world back.

Left alone with her seven-year-old daughter, Jo takes in laundry to eke out a living. Meanwhile Tryg, the pride of the town with war hero status, sets up a flourishing law practice.  

Now Jo stands toe-to-toe with the demons threatening to destroy what little happiness and peace she has left—rumors that she is about to lose her much-needed job; her daughter’s repeated incidents with an old curmudgeon, Big Ole; and Jo’s inability to buy a simple present to give her bereaved daughter a special Christmas.

As Jo moves on with her life, she befriends Calvin Doherty, a disillusioned and embittered former chaplain who had lost his life’s purpose. They unwittingly share a common bond—Calvin’s inability to forgive his bride-to-be for rejecting him at the altar and Jo’s inability to forgive Tryg for his part in her husband’s death. When Jo brings to light Calvin’s participation in his rejection, she recognizes her own unwillingness to forgive. But, then, she rationalizes that her situation is different.  

Tracks in the Snow is a heartwarming tale about strong will, good character, the power of forgiveness, and their ability to transform lives.

Amber Leaf Trilogy, #2

Late March, 1945—Amber Leaf, Minnesota

How can a young widow be attracted to the man responsible for her husband’s tragic death ... and not compromise her husband’s memory?

In the second novel of the Amber Leaf Trilogy, that’s the dilemma Jo Bremley faces. She and her little girl wanted to move to New York, to leave Amber Leaf and its painful memories behind. But when measles strike, Jo is left with no job, a sick daughter, little savings, and is forced to abandon her dreams.

Meanwhile, devastated by his role in the death of Jo’s husband, Tryg Howland offers her a position as a clerk in his law practice. This being her fastest path out of town, Jo accepts only to face new demons ... a scheming client, Tryg’s jealous girlfriend, and a love that can never be. Somewhere Between Raindrops is a compelling tale with a strong World War II backdrop that carries the reader into a larger world where suffering takes a back seat to the old-fashioned virtues of conscience and courage.

Amber Leaf Trilogy, #3

June 1945 -- Amber Leaf, Minnesota

Jo Bremley is falling in love, but desperately resists it. How could she not? Tryg Howland was responsible for her beloved husband's untimely death. Now all she wants is to escape Amber Leaf and its painful memories, but that takes money she doesn't have.

Tryg may be a war hero and a successful young attorney, but what good does it do? After the role he played in the death of his best friend, peace is a gift he can't unwrap, and hiring Jo didn't help matters. Her presence constantly reminds him of the horrid accident that can never be undone.

But when thugs assault an old man, leaving him lying in the bushes battered, bruised, and unconscious, Jo partners with Tryg to help the recovering man regain his dignity. As she does, her feelings for Tryg grow until she is forced to acknowledge a love she fought so hard against, a love that betrays her husband's memory and should never be.

A Whisper on the Wind is a powerful drama that carries the reader into the hearts and souls of unforgettable characters and the suffering they endure as they struggle against unexpected and redemptive love.


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